From Our President & CEO, Steve Merrick

In light of the importance of CARB 2 compliance brought about nationally by CBS's program, 60 Minutes ("Lumber Liquidators" which aired March 1,2015),
I want to personally reassure our customers that Somerset flooring is made in the USA and our SolidPlus® engineered flooring has always been CARB 2 compliant.

Somerset has a long-standing history in the wood products business. We are experts in forest stewardship, lumber, and wood flooring. Somerset Hardwood Flooring is a nationally known brand, but what you may not realize is that we are, in fact, one of the largest vertically integrated wood products companies in America. What this means to you is that we manage the raw materials and supply chain from the forest to the finished flooring. We are personally involved in all aspects of quality control. We have some of the best people in the business making sure our products meet stringent quality control standards.

I want to stress, again, that ALL Somerset flooring is manufactured in the USA.
Creating jobs and products in the USA is one of our company's most important initiatives and something in which we take great pride.

We have made a major investment to manufacture our SolidPlus® engineered flooring in our new facility in Crossville, TN.

SolidPlus® engineered flooring was developed to offer customers numerous quality and appearance benefits over other options available in the marketplace. Quality advantages include the fact that it is made in the USA with no added formaldehyde. In independent CARB 2 testing (in fact, one of the testing companies we used was one of the same used by 60 Minutes), our products were found to be below quantification limit (basically meaning "not measurable").

Somerset is a privately owned company. As owner, I can assure you that our focus has always been, and will continue to be, on doing the right things for our customers, our employees, and our environment. The success and future of our company depends on conducting business with integrity and doing so in a responsible manner.

We appreciate the support of our customers, and the confidence and trust they place in our products. We pledge to continue to provide quality products while creating jobs and growing our manufacturing operations in the USA.

Steve Merrick, President/CEO

Somerset's SolidPlus® engineered line of flooring has been CARB 2 compliant since inception. Somerset manufacturing and finishing processes add no formaldehyde to any of our products. Our SolidPlus® CARB 2 compliance is based on testing by two (2) separate independent laboratories, who found our products to be “below quantification limits”—hence well within the standards for CARB 2 compliance.
Somerset products also comply with the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act is a 1900 United States law that bans trafficking in illegal wildlife. In 2008, the Act was amended to include plants and plant products such as timber and paper. This landmark legislation is the world's first ban on trade in illegally sourced wood products.1

Somerset has been certified by an independent audit by SBS Global Services and is Chain of Custody certified to produce and sell products as FSC 100%, FSC Mix, and FSC Controlled Wood.

In addition our SolidPlus® Baltic birch core vendors are FSC certified, and therefore capable of providing FSC certified core material.